👋 Hi, I’m Shek - my full name is ShekMan Tang. The "logo 碩 " you see at the top is the Chinese character for "Shek". It doesn't mean much on its own, but there are some other meanings when it's combined with other characters.

I was the first Product Designer hire at Intercom, back when the company was about 30 people in total. It has been a great experience so far to be working in a fast pace startup and contributed to Intercom’s growth.

Before joining Intercom, I started my design career at a UX Consultancy called iQ Content (Now rebranded as Each&Other), where I helped designing experience for clients such as Liberty Insurance, AIB, Citibank, and Telefonica Group.

I’m @Shekman on Twitter. I'm not super active on Linkedin at all but I do have a profile there. You can reach me by using the little Intercom Messenger at the bottom right or shekman.tang [at] gmail.com 👍